Our Magnolia Renovation Project

The renovation of the luxury unit overlooking the golf course at Twin Waters, designed by Kate Anderson Design (KAD), is truly remarkable. Here’s a summary of the key highlights:

  1. Collaboration with Building Designer: Kate Anderson Design collaborated with building designer Adrian Ramsay to ensure that the renovation would exceed the expectations of their clients, Elaine and John. This collaborative approach likely contributed to a well-integrated design.
  2. Joinery Vision: Kate’s vision for joinery was a central element of the renovation. It needed to blend seamlessly with the new internal building features, such as curved walls and venetian plaster finishes. This attention to detail is indicative of a high-quality design.
  3. Selection and Finishes: Kate Anderson Design had full creative control over the selection and finishes of the interior renovation. The result is described as “breathtaking,” implying that the choices made in terms of materials, colors, and textures were carefully curated to create a visually stunning living space.
  4. Luxury Living: Upon entering the home, residents and guests are transported to a new level of high-end luxury living on the Sunshine Coast. This suggests that the renovation successfully elevated the unit to a premium standard of living.
  5. KAD Cabinetry: The renovation involved the installation of KAD cabinetry throughout the unit. This included cabinetry in the kitchen, vanities, walk-in robes, TV joinery, and a custom-made wet bar. Custom cabinetry is often a hallmark of luxury interior design, offering both functionality and aesthetics.

In summary, the renovation overseen by Kate Anderson Design appears to be a stunning transformation that combines luxury, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail. The unit now offers a high-end living experience with a beautiful view of the golf course at Twin Waters.